1. Jungle Demon

From the recording Jungle Demon

Jungle Demon, a tale of twists and turns, darkness, & the ride of betrayal. BC#9 representing the United State of Drum and Bass at DNB United Records delivers another soon to be classic to his jungle repertoire. Featuring vintage film samples, a Rhodes that strategically maneuvers the stereo field, proper 808 pounders, an and infectious groove, BC9 engulfs the listening experience to the fullest. Partitioned by the state of the Selecta, this track gives one breathing room at moments, then with clever transitions, such as samples from the original House on Haunted Hill with Vincent Price, quickly pulls you back in the receptacle of the vibe. Jungle Demon co-produced by INVALID encompasses the “BC9” epitome found on many of his previous releases into a single composition.

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