North American Jungle, Drum and Bass producer, and live performer INVALID.

"Drum and Bass as a whole is my primary functioning passion in music, which often bleeds into the realms of classic Jungle and modern Neurofunk. I really see the genre as a single entity, a feel and routine. I use a blend of Analog Hardware, Acoustic Instruments, Digital VSTs, Digital processing and Analog processing. Essentially, whatever I am feeling in the moment is what goes into my projects, it's impossible for me to force specific instruments particularly digital ones into the music. I do my best to retain the human input amidst a growing digital age. Yes, I chop my own breaks." - invalid

In 2020, released "Erase Me" on DNB UNITED RECORDS.

Big Shouts to fellow professionals who regularly inspire me to continue making music Rain Drop, DJ Slopo, Sadie Lew, BC#9, Chetstar, Muttdogg, DJ Spicy Fingers, Jesse Cotton Stone, Golab, Break Check Crew.

In April of 2019, INVALID released his 2 track single "Medicine" on DNB United Records. The 176bpm jungle tracks, entitled "Medicine" and "Synergy" have an old school, sub variating, amen juggling, classic riddim'. Dub Influenced samples and bass lines help complete the sound to the look of the cover artwork by, Sadie Lewandowski. Track 2 "Synergy," has a music video created by INVALID, watch it at Medicine is available for streaming and download via Apple Music, Amazon Music, Beatport, Spotify, Juno Download, and Tidal.

November 4, 2017 | Jason Bakes DNB United Records Founder

Komplexika is the latest Drum +Bass release from Colorado based artist/producer/audio engineer Jonathan Loeser, a/k/a INVALID. A established musician and an avid professional drummer, INVALID exhibits organic skills on the drums that shine through while listening to his latest effort, blending both organic and electronic sounds. With a obvious seasoned approach, you can hear the layering of soundscapes onto mechanical beats; these serve as the foundation upon which each track earns enough style and substance to stand on its own. These songs are composed with musical melodies that rely on the underbelly of filthy bass lines and textured sounds. These aspects give a cinematic quality that clearly aches to add a visual journey to the audio experience. When I close my eyes and the first track, Shadow Sphere, plays, the synth sounds are so textured that if I could touch them, I know that they would feel warm and fuzzy, bouncing like elastic under my fingers. Wow, this is really animated sound! The way that the drums hit your ears is addictive, and the beat holds your attention and drive the song from start to end…so precise and on point. If you love the drums as much as I do, then wait till you drop track three in your decks. Rise To Me is the Tech DNB sub-genre side of the EP, with beats that I will refer to as sonic in their sound, and progressive in the way they feel. INVALID employs a deliberate approach, clearly drawing on his decade of professional stage time as an organic drummer, while using the multiple skins available in his kit to change tone, texture and color within the songs structure, giving the beats a natural ability to carry the entire weight of the tracks body and soul. It is important to highlight, in the spirit of giving this EP a thorough review, the way in which INVALID validates the honesty of each song’s beginning and end. There are three parts to producing and performing every track on this EP. There is the intro, followed by the body, and of course thee end. I always say to my girlfriend and editor the difference between a DJ and a producer is vast. When a musician writes and performs from a classically trained background, he or she brings skills to the dance that others who simply push play don’t possess. In this case specifically, INVALID has a decade of organic musicianship in his wheelhouse that enables him to compose, layer and produce something different in both a genre and a time where being original and authentic is rare. In closing, to allow you, as the listener, to engage and enjoy the complete experience that this release has to offer, I would suggest headphones or taking an after midnight drive so that it is just you and the music. I believe that you will not come away without having the this musical journey surprise and enlighten you as you take the long way home.  


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